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Traveling to Jamaica 

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Pre-Departure & Arrival: Along with an approved Travel Authorization form prior to boarding a flight to Jamaica, 

ALL travelers ages 12 and up regardless of nationality, are required to show proof of a negative COVID-19 molecular (PCR, NAA, RNA) or Antigen test performed by an accredited lab for which the sample was collected within 3 days of the travel date. Know that we are well-equipped to accommodate on-island testing prior to your return flight, as well.

Travel Authorization applications must be submitted within seven (7) days of the intended travel date.

Learn more about Travel authorization and the Covid-19 test requirements.

All travelers to Jamaica are reminded that the Government of Jamaica Controlled Entry Programme protocols must be observed at all times.

Travel Authorization: You must apply for entrance into Jamaica five days before your arrival. It's a simple process that promises a prompt authorization letter which will be sent to your email about 12 hours before your travel. Take a photo of it and save it to your phone as you will need to show it before you board the plane. 

Apply for the letter here:

Immigration: To avoid legal issues and unexpected financial obligations, do not claim to be visiting Jamaica for business. Our retreat is a vacation so boldly state you will be in Jamaica for personal reasons and a well-deserved vacation.

Club MOBAY: This is the airport assistance option I recommend paying for. Finding your way out of the airport can be overwhelming and hectic. 

Club MOBAY makes it easier for you to find your way out. You'll be greeted by a concierge and someone holding a placard who will guide you through the process. You can visit this link to book:

Airport Process: Your temperature will be taken before you are briefly interviewed with an agent about your Jamaican visit.

Transportation: At an extra cost, your Club Mobay representative can assist you if you haven't already arranged with Jewel Grande for your transport from the airport.

Jewel Grande: I have been to this resort in the past and I chose it because of how efficiently they operate and their devotion to ensure a great and safe customer experience.

A temperature check will be performed upon your arrival. As part of the strict safety guidelines they follow, your baggage will be thoroughly sanitized before being delivered to your room.

Funds: I strongly advise you to have a small wad of bills. I wouldn't recommend exchanging your money for Jamaican currency unless you want some for a souvenir. The exchange rate is a rip-off and you may end up spending so much if you plan on buying anything.

Safe Travel Tips - Your main goal as you travel apart from enjoying the retreat experience is to ensure that you are safe as you travel. Some of the tips you need to consider include:

Carry enough high-quality masks. Dispose of any used mask each time you take a different course of travel. For instance, the mask you use on the plane should be replaced once you alight from the plane.

Avoid touching surfaces

Carry your sanitizer for your hands and tissues to wipe your seat’s surface and any other surface you will have contact with

Stay safe and get ready for an amazing experience where you will get to discover and reconnect with yourself.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,



Intineray TBA

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Dec 13th 

Fly In to Jamaica

Arrive. Wind down a release. 


Dec 14th

VIP Welcome: Release

If possible let's wear white. Casual. We will be throughout the resort together. 


Dec 15th


Casual Comfortable.


Dec 16th


Casual Comfortable. 


Dec 17th

Return Home 

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