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Extreme Otiti 

Grow In Greatness

We are committed to helping you reach your levels of success.

Uwagbai Academy polishes your dreams and equips you with the tools needed to reach massive success.

Uwagbai Academy embraces you where you are and provide you with implementable strategies.

 Are you ready to be influential in your present moment? 

Are you inspired to master your purpose and gain access to unlimited success? 

Are you ready to command your life and take the lead? 

Do you need accountability, structure, and tools for adulting? 

You came to the right place! We are a family! 

We welcome you to join our team in whatever capacity you feel is correct for you! 

The Best Version of YOU

I am convinced that you are here for a purposeful and divine reason. You are seeking more and we are here to offer just that!

Now is the time to put away insecurities and adversities. I am sure that you have a vision that you have not tapped into 100% due to feeling overwhelmed, past mistakes, or maybe you feel incompetent and our team will be here to remind you of your power!

Meet Our Coaches 

Otiti Uwagbai-Wright

Founder & Lifestyle Strategist


  • Clarity & Vision Mapping
  • Startegic Purpose Planning
  • Lifestyle teachings
  • Confidence Builder
  • Entreprenuer startup
  • Time-management Mapping & Structure
  • Personal Development 

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Tiffany D. Hampton

Professional Development Strategist 


  • Professional Development 
  • Interview Prep
  • Work-life Balance and Strategy
  • Career Mind-mapping
  • Positioning Expert
  • Corporate Performance
  • Resume Building 

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Lyndsey Bobola

A.C.E CPT Health Coach


  • Personal Trainer
  • Nutrition and wellness
  • Online Health Programs
  • Health Blogger
  • Personal Development
  • Life Coach
  • Speaker 
  • Workshop Facilitator

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Susie Pritchett

Success Coach


  • Goal Setting and Planning
  • Wisdom Mapping
  • Result Strategist
  • Life Coach
  • Speaker
  • Critical Skills Planner
  • Motivator

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You have the option to work independently with our Coaches or collectively. 

To hire all of us please connect here: Group Coaching

What Do You Need To Achieve? 

Our Coaches create practical and implementable programs to help you reach your next level of success with confidence. Are you ready to learn how Uwagbai Academy can help you reach unlimited success? Are you ready to get unstuck and step into your power? We are ready to shake up your foundation and provide you with the tools you need. We provide coaching with no fluff. You will receive all you need and more from our Influencers. You can hire one coach, two coaches, or the team- the choice is yours! We will create a plan to fit your need(s). 

Why Uwagbai Academy? 

  • You are tired of repeating the same mistakes (or at least what you believe to be mistakes). 
  • You are ready to set better goals and be held accountable. 
  • You are ready to take control of your health. 
  • You are ready to increase professionally and personally. 
  • You are ready to gain more attraction in your business. 
  • You are ready because nothing else has worked. 

Our Core Values

Fulfillment. Compassion. Change. Honesty. Learning. Growth. Value. Leadership. Empowerment. Improvement. Skillfulness. Accountability. Effectiveness. Discipline. Consistency. Balance. Achievement. Success. Dedication. Boldness. Discovery. Sustainability. Support. Order. Results. Productivity. Monetization. Wealth building. 

Would You Like To Join Our Team and Become One Of Our Certified Coaches? 

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