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Extreme Otiti 

Trasetta Alexander

Trasetta Alexander- faith-based business & productivity coach and motivational speaker. She teaches women of faith how to clarify and monetize their purpose so they can create the abundant life and business they desire. Trasetta has over 20 years of experience working in business operations management creating systems and processes, as well as increasing individual productivity. She is the Assistant Director of Outreach at the Florida State University College of Medicine. Additionally, she holds a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from Thomas University.

Trasetta is also the Administrative Pastor of Vessels of Joy Full GospelChurch, founded in 2009 by her husband, Pastor William Alexander, with the directive from the Lord of teaching people how to have joy in Him. She serves as the women's ministry and praise team leader for the church.

She believes no one can obtain any level of success alone. Success comes through clarifying your vision, creating an action plan, and developing a network of success partners. She freely shares stories of her own struggles to overcome life’s challenges in an effort to empower others to face their own, knowing they are well equipped to conquer them and create the life of their dreams. She embodies her personal motto, which is to always “Live on purpose, pursue your passion, and unleash your power!”