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Extreme Otiti 

The Leader's Conference

March 12-14, 2020 | Orangeburg SC

Hosted & Produced by Otiti Uwagbai-Wright, Author & Speaker 

Influencers, Experts, and Heavy-Hitters! 

What if you dedicated one conference to your level-up? 

What if you decided to try something different for a new decade of successful outcomes? 

What dreams are you holding on to due to limiting beliefs? 

Do you feel that you lack the necessary resources to achieve your overdue dreams?

We have the tools just for you. We have connected with some of the most amazing Leaders from Oklahoma, South Carolina, Florida, Canada, New York, just to name a few-

 They will be teaching and providing you with their secret sauce. 

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2020 will be the year of success, radical change, increased wealth, and power. 

Everything that you touch will turn into your breakthrough. 


March 12-14, 2020 at The Leader's Conference!

Are you ready to be Bold, Transparent, and Free?

Personal and Professional development is changing at a rate we’ve never seen before! The revolution of self-development is what all the greats are doing.

-Oprah, Nia Long, &  Hugh Jackman to name a few

Our 2nd Annual Leaders Conference, two-day experience of transformation, personal development, and unleashing who you were meant to be in this upcoming decade. 

Three Days of Complete Performance and Action!

I AM Ready! 

“Your past is your past! Now we must prepare for a New Decade of Greatness. Are you ready?”

Otiti Uwagbai-Wright: 

Producer & Host

Reestablish, Reclaim, and Reinvent Your New Decade.

You will gain your secret sauce to success at The Leader’s Conference. You are ready for impact! But, ultimately your impact will be a result of the work you implement. The Leader’s Conference will provide you with the necessary tools for success in every area of your life. 

Who needs to be in this room? 

-Action Takers

-Leaders and Purpose-driven Achievers

-Tired of living the same mediocre life 

-You Need Accountability

-Ready for REAL-TIME Results

-Your Ideas & Dreams Keep You Up At Night

-Stuck, Uncomfortable, & Desiring More

-You have trouble with following through with Goals

Time Spent at The Leader's Conference Will Provide You With: 

-Higher Quality of Life & Living Strategies 

-Health and Wellness Tips & Tools 

-Create & Establish Your Dream Business

-Process for Writing Your Book

-Understand how to live a more rewarding and fulfilling life

-Heal from past hurts 

-Accountability and longlasting friendships 

-Release From Limiting Beliefs & Tactics 

What Will You Walk Away With? 

You are a Trailblazer, and you will walk away with the power to succeed in every area of your life!

Open your mind to possibilities and create a plan before leaving the conference! 

Teaching you how to take small steps and goal-setting. 

Define YOUR Success/Shifting your mindset for success.

Tools for Inner Peace. 

Ways to increase your energy level. 

Importance of continuous learning. 

Meet 2020 TLC Experts

Connect With Ree!

Connect With Neek!

Connect With Trasetta! 

Connect with Angelita!

Connect with Nakeisha!

Connect with Sherry!

Connect with Jessie!

Connect with Vernessa!

Connect With Tamara!

Connect With J'Anmetra!

Connect With Darlene!

Connect with Ashali!

Connect with Lloyd!

Connect with Sharlita!

Connect with Jon!

Connect with Chantelle!

Connect With Rebecca!

Connect With Shelley!

Connect With Ashley!

Connect With Monica!

Connect With Dj Dynamite!


Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College


3250 St. Matthews Road

Orangeburg, SC 29118

Questions & Answers 

Q: How much are TLC Tickets?

A: VIP tickets are $69.99 for the weekend experience March 12th - 14th, 2020. General Admission tickets are $49.99 for the one-day experience March 14th, 2020. Though are tickets are reasonable we still maintain and provide each attendee with a world-class experience.

Q: When is TLC 2020?

A: Our main event begins on March 13th, 2020- VIP tickets. TLC is 2 action-packed days! General Admission Ticket holders March 14th, 2020. 

Q: What is included in my ticket?

A: VIP Ticket holders have direct access to speakers, breakout sessions, preferred seating, TLC bags with complimentary items. Basically, VIP gets the entire access for 3-days. General Admission ticket holders have direct access March 14th, 2020 to Keynote Sessions, and breakout sessions.

Q: Where should I stay in Orangeburg, South Carolina?

A: You can stay anywhere that you like, however, we have a special booking rate with Hampton Inn & Suites. Book early!

Q: Can I share my hotel room with someone?

A: Yes! It’s not mandatory of course, but each attendee will be given access to a private Facebook group and event page where you can contact other attendees and organize room share- again not mandatory!

Q: I am flying in, where is the closest airport?

A: Columbia, SC Columbia Metropolitan Airport 

Q: What if I bought a ticket and I can’t come anymore?

A: Transfer your ticket to another upcoming event or bless someone!

Q: I still have questions that’s not posted above, who do I contact?

A: Please email [email protected] with any questions. 

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Hosting Hotel:

Hampton Inn & Suites

Orangeburg, SC 

Book your stay and use our special discount link! Hurry before February 2020!

Book your room and stay in comfort! 

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