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Extreme Otiti 

The Leaders Conference 2020

2nd Annual 

Call For Speakers!



And much more! 

Our team is excited to announce our upcoming conference: The Leaders Conference 2020. Our call for speakers is now open to the public. There are several amazing opportunities for you to showcase your expertise.

The 2nd Annual Leaders Conference 2020, will be March 13th- 14th, a two-day action-packed event.

What's the purpose of The Leaders Conference:

To provide individuals with specific needs to address the leader from within.

What will attendees gain from attending The Leaders Conference:

Personal Growth & Professional Development

Holistic Services


Health and Wellness

Goal Setting

How to Succeed in Life

How Can You Participate In The Leaders Conference 2020 Production?  

Breakout Sessions (15 minutes):

-Financial Literacy & Management


-Self-care Practices

-Home and Lifestyle Management

-Health and Wellness/Holistic Living

-Support Systems and Guidance

-How to Write Your Book

-How to Start Your Business CORRECTLY

-Or Provide Us With Your Expertise

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Talks (15 minutes):

Share your expertise. Craft your signature talk to meet our audience needs. You will be one of the headliners of this event. You will need to experience and a seasoned speaker to apply. Here's your opportunity to speak to an audience that's seek healing, learning how to set firm goals, needing understanding and direction, releasing limiting-barriers, and restoring for a higher quality of living. If this sounds similar to what you can provide, please click the link below. 

Sumbit Application

Book Collaboration/Anthology: 

Tell your story! We will have a conference call to provide more details on October 27th,  7 pm est. Here's your opportunity to join our team as we prepare for The Leaders Conference 2020. Books will be prepared and published for the conference. Here's your opportunity to craft and publish your story. There's a fee, of course, and strick guidelines to make this a success. If you are interested, please click below. 

Limited SPACES Available

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Vendor Opportunities 

We would like for you to have the opportunity to be a vendor and showcase your business. For more information, please click the button below. 

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