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The Leader's Conference 


At The Leader’s Conference (TLC), we are building stronger lifestyles, creating and achieving dreams, while providing an atmosphere of like-minded individuals. We are creating an atmosphere to transform your life. How many of you believe that there is something more for you in life, but you are having issues tapping into your real potential? 

March 2nd, 2019 our goal is helping each unleash the power that’s already embedded within. The vision of TLC conference is not only to provide you with tender, love, and care but also to enhance your personal life.

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Are You Ready To Plan For Success? 

Success is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. How many times have you or heard someone say the following:

"I am not sure what my purpose is in life?"

"I am confused about what I should be doing with my life?"

"I don't have a purpose."

I have selected some of the most powerful speakers to help Leader March 2nd, to help them march in their purpose. I'm quite sure you are ready for success right? Let's do it together. 

What To Expect!!! 

What NOT to expect at The Leadership Conference:

-Long boring talks about why you should be motivated to do more!

-Unnecessary decorations to get in the way of our progress!

- Wondering why you came!

What YOU will experience at The Leadership Conference:

-Understanding purpose! Goals, dreams, & Visions! Tapping into your TRUE potential!

-Create a plan & strategy to achieve your goals! Yes, the Experts and I will make sure each attendee walks away with a strategic plan to implement!

-Tactics for "self-personal motivation." Sometimes listening to a motivational message or reading books is not enough. You actionable motivation! And that's why we will have one of the best Dj's around hyping us throughout the day!

-Implementing reward-seeking behavior for manifestation! You need to know the tricks of the trade, right? You need to know how right?

-Resources for Personal Improvement and where to start!

-Creating and implementing generational wealth!

-Showing attendees where to start with living a more purpose-driven life.

-Spiritual, health, and wellness for foundation building!

-Sparking your inner value while increase mental strength!

Theme: March Into Purpose

Location: The Broughton Street Venue 

1039 Broughton Street 

Orangeburg, S.C. 

Registration: 10:45 am 

Show Time: 11: 00 am

A Full Day, action and purpose-driven conference lead by Leaders for Leaders. We will tap into your life leaving you ready to truly live your best life all 2019. 

Tap Into Your Purpose & Leadership Potential 

Listen to Leaders From All Walks Of Life Provide Empowering Stories & Resources

Opportunity to Learn and Grow. Plus create A Plan of Action to Achieve 2019 Goals. 

Breakout Sessions and Complimentary Coaching and goal setting. 

Planning for A New Beginning & Decades of Purpose

We have created a life-changing atmosphere along with a judgment-free zone. Come and enjoy a full day of leadership development, inspiration, self-practices and much more. Be ready to smile, laugh, cry, and take notes. 

Evening Party! 

What are goals without music and dancing? We will end the evening with dancing and laughter.  

So come prepared with your dancing shoes.

What's A Conference Without Music! 

We All Know Music Is The Best Form of Therapy Right? 

DJ Dynamite 

Peace. Happiness. Purpose fulfillment. Joy. Understanding. Gratitude. Self-Care. Love. Romance. Goals setting. Empower. Motivation. Encouragement.

Meet Our Conference Emcee 

Ree Williams, affectionately known around the world as CoachRee, is a Small Business Development Expert, Master Business Coach, Founder of ReeMarkable Women Entrepreneurs, 2x TEDx Speaker and Philanthropist.

Ree has worked with thousands of women professionals and women entrepreneurs over her 20-year business consulting and business coaching career.

As a ReeMarkable example, leader and champion for women and women entrepreneurs, Ree shares her insight, experience and knowledge, teaching women the value in having personal balance that supports business success, helping women understand the importance of showing up, unapologetically, for self first, before they can show up, mentally and emotionally, for anyone else.

Featured Speakers 

Kiwan  N. Fitch-Webster


Entrepreneur, Published Author of four books, Motivational Speaker, Producer, Playwright, and Mentor, owns and operates multiple businesses. A gifted and highly skilled visionary, trailblazer, and pioneer with twenty plus years’ experience in Non-profit organizations, social services, leadership, business markets, and entrepreneurship.

 Carla S. Martin


Evangelist and Visionary Founder and CEO of Touched Ministries, Inc., a faith-based ministry designed to reach survivors of sexual abuse around the world through coaching and Transformational Speaker that offers hope and healing. 

Darlene M. Ramirez 

Senior Architect

Author, educator, virtual book club hostess and Boss Lady of Unlock The Happy. She coaches busy women and helps them unlock their happiness through literature. She’s an avid reader of all things happy and seeks to demonstrate a love of reading consistently. As a new author, she writes about the vicissitudes of everyday life.

Monica Smith 

Senior Strategist

CEO of MergEnterprise, established in 2015 provides financial literacy to individuals seeking generational wealth. She hosts an array of workshops leaving her audience engaged and intrigued about their money. Monica has mastered ways to economically energize one's bank account and livelihood.

Katherine R. Myers 

Katherine Myers currently works as a prosecutor in the First Judicial Circuit in the Orangeburg County Courthouse. She primarily prosecutes cases of domestic violence. Myers is active in the Young Lawyers Division of the South Carolina Bar Association, most recently serving as Co-Chair of the Color of Justice Committee, Mock Trial Coach for the Black Law Students Association at the University of South Carolina School of Law and a volunteer for the Cocky Reading Express Elementary Reading program.

Phillip Ford 


Phillip Ford, Manager of Policy, Advocacy and Community Support at Eat Smart Move More South Carolina

Phillip, a community organizer at his core, joined the Manager of Policy, Advocacy and Community Support for Eat Smart Move More South Carolina. Prior to joining the team, Phillip was the grant writer for the Regional Medical Center of Orangeburg & Calhoun Counties, where he successfully wrote over $1.3 million in funding. Phillip has worked closely with presidential to local campaigns, community organizations around the country and individuals to usher positive change into everyday life. With nearly 15 years of experience in politics, nonprofit consulting and community organization, Phillip believes in a grassroots approach to making change happen.

Rebecca D. Huggins 

Senior Architect

Rebecca is the CEO and Founder of the Leader’s Circle University. As a leadership strategist, Rebecca coaches principals and ministry leaders who are ready to experience success on a greater level by teaching them proven principles which mitigate chaos, increases their influence, income and impact. As a life coach, she helps Christian Professional Women who have a business and are stuck or stagnant by teaching them proven principles which help them gain clarity and create consistent cash flow.

Geri Mason  

Senior Strategist

Geri Mason is a woman who has created her own definition of success. She started speaking in 1986, shortly after being diagnosed with breast cancer. The was to share her story of truimph and encourage others. Over the past thirty-one years, what started as a personal testimony has developed into a joy of writing, speaking and hosting events. Author of three books, and contributes monthly to two magazine columns. 

Torre A. Stocker

Senior Strategist


Dr. Avis Foley 


Cinda A. Garst 

Senior Architect


Shanna Scott

Senior Architect


Susie Pritcher 

Dana Toy

The Leader's Conference


Purchase what's best for you and join us March 2nd, 2019 and Unleash Your Greatness. 

College Student Ticket Admission 

Must Submit College ID prior to ticket purchase. Please email [email protected]


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Day Access to All Speakers 

Breakout Sessions 

Food Truck Access  for Lunch 

Evening Party 


General Admission Ticket 


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Day Access To All Speakers 

Breakout Sessions 

Food Truck Access for Lunch 

Evening Party 


VIP Admission Ticket

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Breakout Sessions

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Travel & Lodging 

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