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Tamara Houston, LISW-CP/S, BC

Tamara Houston: a Clinical Social Worker and CEO of Renewal Life Counseling, LLC in Greenville, SC. She also has other business ventures that include a coaching and consulting platform that focuses on helping aspiring business women with their start-ups, speaking engagements on organizational leadership and mental health awareness, and a monthly Facebook Series entitled "Decoding the Lyrics" where she and her partner use contemporary music to discuss mental health issues.

Tamara currently serves as a mentor to many, holds board positions in several professional organizations, and assists with event planning for a grassroots youth club. While building a business in three years from solo practice to group practice, pursuing various educational opportunities, and serving her family and community, Tamara has learned the importance of having a healthy work-life balance, in order to maintain the best quality of life.

Through these life experiences she became passionate about sharing the message of self-care, wellness, and identifying priorities in one's life; thus, forming R3 Circle for Helping Professionals, a group dedicated to promoting self-care among those professionals that give of themselves to enhance the lives of others. Outside of work, Tamara enjoys making memories with her family, traveling, cooking, and working out.