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Extreme Otiti 

Sherry Kachanis 

Sherry's passion for healing comes from her personal journey through life and healing. Surviving sexual abuse awakened the deepest desire in her soul to help others heal all wounds they gained through life. This deep connection to this work made it a calling, a purpose that she took to, developing a broad depth of experience and knowledge. This experience includes several modalities and therapeutic techniques including shamanic drumming.

Sherry's passion for healing is core to her being. It is based in a simple philosophy, love. All we need to heal is love. Love connects us to the Divine, the truest source of our healing. We are all wonderful, unique human beings, and so too are our personal healing journeys. No matter where we are, no matter how we are working together, you can always expect a safe, loving environment. You can rest and know you are in a place safe for relaxation and surrender to the healing process.

We all live a purpose, something we contribute to the world. Sherry passionately empowers humans to embark on their healing journey. She does this by leading circles honoring the moon, the seasons, and Life, by creating a sacred, safe place to share, connect, and support each other with authenticity, love, and generosity of spirit. It is in this learning, authentically open and loving, that we discover who we are and what our purpose is.