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Extreme Otiti 

          Our Services

Our services are customized for each prospective client. We address the need for creation and leveling. We provide an exit strategy from past beliefs, we encourage a new mindset and our favorite word “strategy.” Limited thinking and sight-lines are identified and restructured. Coaching is not the answer, implementation and action is the answer. Empowerment is internal and with our coaching packages, we awaken what’s already there.

Our programs are not about changing you nor your beliefs. We meet you where you are to become a more effective leader in your home, at the workplace, and most importantly within you. Review our packages below and let's begin the process together. 

Of course, you cannot address all needs with one package. Some clients come with one particular goal in mind, while others, have several. We rate together which is more desirable for you to achieve and we set an aim. First-time clients, we encourage our Value Coaching to understand the process of coaching. However, clients are not limited to their decision. Pick the coaching package that makes the most implementable sense. 

Become Clear for Clarity

We are clouded and emotional beings. We know our needs, desires, and wants but shifted when life becomes overwhelming. Our services provide a clear, concise, and constructed system to help you gain clarity. 


We design a strategy that will best serve you. We encourage our clients to follow the blueprint as we are the experts. Blueprints are navigational systems that lead to success. 


Having someone next to you cheering you own is the most promising asset of coaching. We provide exciting means of contact that inspire, encourage, and uplifts our individuals to continue and trust the process. 


We achieve an optimal impact for success. You must implement your blueprint. The action begins with you. Excuses are unacceptable as our materials and resources easily implementable. The impact that you receive produces impactful outcomes.  

Coaching Sessions 

Sessions are scheduled for your convenience. We embrace the importance of your time and most importantly our time. Sessions are not rescheduled so please make sure you schedule accordingly. 


Money-back guaranteed with no questions asked. We provide a no-nonsense business and if you do not find value in our services- we honor that by giving you a complete refund. We are pleased that our many clients return for more coaching sessions. 

Schedule Your Complimentary Discovery Call Right Now! 

"Everything Begins With You." - Extreme Otiti 

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Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.


Value Coaching 


The best to start

Three-scheduled 1:1 Coaching Sessions via provided conference call line.

35-minutes to strategize (prepare for an extra 15 minutes)

On-line Course Access

G E T  S E R V I C E


Premium Coaching


The best to start

Four-scheduled 1:1 Coaching Sessions via provided conference call line.

40-minutes to strategize (prepare for an extra 15 minutes)

Onl-line Course Access 

Weekly Accountabiltiy Texts 

G E T  S E R V I C E


Extreme Coaching​


The best to start

Six-scheduled 1:1 Coaching Sessions via provided conference call line

40-minutes to strategize (prepare for an extra 15 minutes)

Bonus calls 

On-line Course Access

Msatermind Group

Weekly accountability check-ins

Weekly emails

G E T  S E R V I C E