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Our Retreats Are Exclusive For High-Achieving Women Entrepreneurs

Our Mission is For You To:

Release. Replenish. Recieve.

2021 Retreats & Masterminds Coming Soon. 

It’s time to move past obstacles and into opulent living. 

Our present climate has limited the way in which we gather for our safety. For years, I have hosted brunches, fundraisers, and conferences as a form of gathering for us to network, unite, converse, laugh, and learn. Our retreats are intimate, lavish, and refreshing. We follow all COVID-19 protocols and value your safety. Each memorable adventure is designed to bring you peace, tranquility, and a chance to be free with no obligations. 

Release. Replenish. Receive. 

1. Release

Before we begin any learning exercises and the actual retreat, you will release the old. This will allow your creative juices to flow, your attention will be clear, and you will be more receptive.

2. Replenish

Here is where we offer you the experience. Our main objective is for you to leave differently than the way you came. We provide the offerings….

3. Receive

Preparing to take all that you have learned, your experience, and package everything nicely for you to carry home.

Our retreats are by application only. If you are interested, click here and gain access. 

Past Events & Adventures.

A showcase of past events hosted by me and events that I've attended for my own personal and professional development. 

Who Should Attend Our Retreats & Masterminds?

Women Entrepreneurs of Course!

High-achieving Women Ready to Unleash!


Imperfect Women Only!

Ready for Results and Success!

Exhausted and Overwhelmed With Life. 

Desiring The Secret Sauce for Unlimited Success.