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Manifest the extreme

Exclusively by Endure The Extreme, LLC

Established 2013


Resources, Tips, & Tools 

Fast & Reclaim

May 30th (Thursday) will mark the 150th day of 2019. I strongly urge you to continue reading and follow along with me. I started with such high expectations- and BOOM! Life hit me hard. So hard that I thought my time on earth was over.

For the past several weeks, I have worked hard on:

“Reclaiming my time.” Rep. Maxine Waters

I feel that it’s only fitting to start thinking about how we all can reclaim our time and move into the 3rd quarter of 2019 with a plan, a strategy, goals, and strong implementation. 

What will you gain? 

  • Clarity!
  • Self-Healing (holistic)!
  • Restore the mind, body, and soul. 
  • Achieving intentional living. 
  • Set new goals and retrieve pass unaccomplished goals. 
  • Rediscover who you are!
  • Get back in total alignment with your true self. 


Create your own list of daily affirmations! 

You May Be The One! 

Manifest Meditation 

Meditation is important and vital to achieving ones best quality of life. During your meditation time, find you a quiet place and sit in silence.Pay attention to your breathing  while taking in slow deep breaths. Use this time to alleviate stress and connect with your inner self. Clear your mind and place yourself  outside of your body. See and feel all of the greatness that's embedded within....

A Few Benefits of Meditation

  • Reduced Stress
  • Encourages Emotional Health
  • Improves Self-awareness
  • Controls Anxiety
  • Improves Cognitive Functions

A Little About Extreme Otiti 

Interviewed by Sue-Ham