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Extreme Otiti 

Rebecca Huggins 

As a leadership strategist, Rebecca coaches principals and ministry leaders who are ready to experience success on a greater level by teaching them proven principles that mitigate chaos, increases their influence, income, and impact. As a life coach, she helps Christian Professional Women who have a business and are stuck or stagnant by teaching them proven principles that help them gain clarity and create consistent cash flow.

Rebecca is a 3 x Amazon Best Selling Author she has written the following books:8 Principles to Creating a High Performing Organization, Amazon Best Seller, Leadership 101: A Practical Guide to Igniting the Leader in You, and she is a Co-Author in Amazon Best Seller,” A Reason to Be by Coach Tilda Whitaker. Rebecca is the visionary author of the Best Selling Anthology “The Great Bounce Back: Servant Leaders who Successfully Failed Forward.”

Professionally, Rebecca is a 24-year transformational instructional leader who has a proven track record of increasing student achievement and collaborating with principals and teachers on best practices transforming F schools into A schools in 9 months or less. Rebecca has served as an instructional coach, teacher, administrator and Nationally Trained Master Teacher from the National Institute of Teaching Excellence. Rebecca has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education & Master of Education in Special Education (Learning Disabilities) from South Carolina State University. Rebecca has a Master of Arts in Administration & Supervision and completed several doctoral works in Curriculum & Instruction from the University of Phoenix.