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Extreme Otiti 

Author. Transformational Speaker. Lifestyle Strategist

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Otiti Uwagbai-Wright 

Otiti Uwagbai-Wright is the definition of Leadership. With over ten years of experience, Otiti’s aim is bridging the gap of what was to what shall be. Motivational Speaker, Author, Lifestyle Strategist, is one of her many accolades. From struggling with self-identity, depression, and low self-esteem, Otiti is the exact model of what happens with you press through adversity. Otiti has devoted her time and energy to helping other Leaders, such as herself, live in purpose.

Otiti Uwagbai-Wright, born and raised in Georgetown, South Carolina. After graduating from Georgetown High School, Otiti dived into the world of being an adult. After five years of working as a Certified Nursing Assistant, Otiti decided that she wanted more after spending a night in jail. That was the wake-up call she needed, which steered on a track of betterment. You felt overly compelled to make a change within her life, especially for her son James.

After successfully graduating from Denmark Technical College and South Carolina State obtaining both biological degrees, Otiti continued to struggle personally. After years of coping and barley surviving, she learned that depression had become second nature. Once diagnosed with depression, she was prescribed Viibryd. After a year or more later, she decided that she needed to release herself from medication. What confirmed her intuition of freeing herself from the antidepressant, Otiti found herself at The Regional Medical Center for four days suffering from two pulmonary embolisms. “I was scared I was going to die,” Otiti said in her signature talk during her speaking engagement.

Virgo and 40, Otiti desires more than what’s in front of her. She sees, feels, and breathe Opulence. As she journeys through life, she teaches her expertise on how.

“We are trusted with favor,” Otiti said in one of her Facebook lives, check out Extreme Otiti! Today, Otiti continues to be your quiet source of elevation. Connecting with her is life-changing, from her motivational talks to sassy comebacks, or maybe her quirky personality, Otiti will continue to fight her way to the top and reach her many levels of success.

She sees Opulence. She feels Opulence. She breathes Opulence.