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Working With Me Takes Out The Guessing Game!

You are capable of more and what's funny is you already know that! -Otiti

Otiti Uwagbai-Wright

Hey! I work with high-achieving women who need to know their exact gifts. Knowing your exact gifts alleviates struggle and unnecessary hiccups in life.

What Are The Results:

Living A More Balance and Desired Life.

I cover topics that your girlfriends are not qualified for- I see beyond your current situation and provide you with strict implementable resources that will set you apart from the rest. My mission and charge in life are to provide you with actionable tools again to reach your desired levels of success. Success is everlasting. 


Our strategy session is to make sure you are heading in the right direction. I am that powerful that I can provide you with what you need so that you can get out of your way. 

Sometimes it’s difficult for you to design your own strategy to fit your needs; This is where I come into play. I’m only focused on your success- it will be your responsibility to implement. These are all reasons why high-achieving women come to me for help. Straight, to the point, and action steps!

HourUP includes:

60 min. Video call

24-48 hour replay sent to your email

30-days of unlimited support after our call via WhatsApp

Your Investment: $297

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Listen, you know all of the basics, and you need it now. You need to learn and implement-period. 

Here is where you provide your top #3 goals and we create a roadmap for you. This is a high-impacted and rigorous session. Your agenda is to listen, take notes, schedule, and implement. We provide you with your blueprint.

PowerUP Includes:

Two 60-min Video Calls

24-48 hour replay sent to your email

Structured Strategy Plan

15-min emergency call

30-days of unlimited support after our call via WhatsApp

Your Investment: $1900

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You are ready to soar. You have reached your goal and now plateaued. Now you need a fresh new pair of eyes and ideas. I provide you with the transformation that will propel you off your plateau. This session is for high-impact women that are ready for getting the work down and yielding results. We create not only your brand but for your lifestyle.

Investment starting at $2,197

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