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December 1st


2019 Prepare, Strategize, & Execute Brunch

1170 Fischer Street, Orangeburg,  S.C. 29115


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2019 Prepare, Strategize, & Execute Brunch

Sometimes our struggle is due to a lack of preparation. If we would only take the time to prepare, we would develop the necessary tools and characteristics to achieve so much more. I decided after careful consideration to offer an opportunity for you to prepare for 2019 in advance. 

Join Extreme Otiti December 1st at Thee Matriarch for our 2019 Prepare, Strategize, Manifest, and Action End of Year brunch. This setting will be intimate and packed filled with information, resources, and plenty of gifts to help you along your 2019 journey.

I look forward to having you join me December 1st, here in Orangeburg, South Carolina. As always please share because you may not need this, but someone you know may need to be in the building!

Here’s what you can expect:

Light Hors-d'oeuvre

Motivational Lecture

Financial Resources

2019 Toolkit/Each participant will receive amazing resources

This will be considered your first 2019 investment that’s going to add value and substance to your life. I am serious, your entire life! My team and I are walking around the clock to provide you with the best resources ever! This will not be your regular, sit down, cut-out pictures from a magazine, and paste on your board, only for you to place your vision board behind your bed. No! Enough is Enough right? You will create actionable steps for your first, second, third, and fourth quarter of 2019! Oh yes, you will leave with great tools that will help you along the way! But as with anything in life, you will need to utilize each and every tool regularly to achieve all of your dreams and more! Sounds great?

I look forward to connecting with you December 1st, 2018!

Time: 10:30 a.m. til 1:30 p.m.

Location: Thee Matriarch, 1170 Fischer St. Orangeburg, S.C. 29115

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