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Self-Disvocery Retreat

Release. Replenish. Receive.

Develop or deepen your awareness.

Personalizing Your Self-Care Blueprint.

Align your Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Our breathtaking 2021 location will allow for personal growth, transformation, and of course some old fashion fun. We are hosting our Self-Discovery Retreat in Montego Bay, Jamaica at the Jewel Grande Resort & Spa.

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Our Retreats Are Not For Everyone...

Listen, there is an undeniable calling in your heart that is ready to blossom.

Pause and reflect for a moment…

Now, are you ready to say yes to our personalized individual retreat that’s completely geared to total transformation? Are you ready to release what no longer serves you and step boldly into your unique path of self-realization? If this sounds like what you need, here’s your invitation to join us September 9th -11th, 2021 in Montego Bay, Jamaica. 

The Mission

We've loved every minute of our journey

But Are You Ready For The Experience?

It is time for some relaxation and self-pampering. Just what you needed in this season of growth and expansion- right! You will learn so much that you will have no choice but burst into every area of your life mentally, spiritually, physically, and transform.

Our Team Created The Dream.

Be guided along your path’s life journey with self-discovery, inner forgiveness, and revitalize your mindset. Our retreats are welcoming, inclusive, and intimate. We invite you to join us as you are guided through a transformative and mind-blowing experience.

Why Jamaica?

The history of Jamaica is a rich and vibrant one, which inspires us to move forward as a nation. Our history speaks to experiences of hardships and prosperity; and the growth and determination of a people. Jamaica’s history has been poetically composed by Howard Pyle, who states:

Jamaica, like many another of the West Indian Islands, is like a woman with a history. Jamaica is known to be the birthplace of Bob Marley, Blue Mountain Coffee, Jamaican rum, Intoxicating beaches, and luxurious all-inclusive resorts. We have created the experience for you. - Howard Pyle, “Jamaica New and Old” in Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, January 1890

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Otiti Uwagbai-Wright, Retreat Producer



FAQs for Our Self-Discovery Retreat 2021:

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