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Extreme Otiti 

Uwagbai Academy Certification


Desires. Passion. & Purpose. 

Do you have a desire to Coach alongside Influencers whose outcomes are results? Let's get straight to the point- Coaching is more than advice, generic documents, and feel-good conversations. Our team offer strategy and accountability that yield positive outcomes. We teach you how to transform and shape your future as a Professional Leadership Coach. 

Serving. Learning. Growth.

At Uwagbai Academy, we mean business on all levels. Dealing with the public requires empathy, knowledge, and meeting individuals where they are rather than where you believe they should be. Our teachings come from a place of hurt and passion. Core values are important to Uwagbai Academy and we meet that need each and every time. We seek team members with the same passion and desire to serve, learn, and grow. 

Leadership Coaching Certification Pathways

Choose the path that is best for you and graduate. 

No more excuses. 

Your new and promising career begin with 

Uwagbai Academy. 

E-Learning Program 

Choosing the path that is right for you!

UALCC has two separate paths of certification to meet your needs. We understand that many of our students have families, careers, and other adult responsibilities. Our aim is that you successfully achieve your certification. Choose according to your everyday schedule as with any online learning program- time-management is the key!

Coaching Certification Paths. 

Choose the path that is right for you! We have two accelerated paths that will allow you to craft and design the life of coaching you desire. Extensive and Premier Coaching Certification Paths begin every September. Extensive allows you to learn all the steps of establishing your Coaching Career and business. Premier Coaching Certification brings you on board as one of our Elite Coaches for Uwagbai Academy.

Admission & Enrollment 

Our application process is rigorous for either path you decide. Our curriculum offers a proven track of success. Our facilitators provide, and our students implement. Once you receive your acceptance letter, the work begins.

Coursework & Graduation

Our guided syllabus provides you with the structure and guidance you need. Again, our aim is that you complete your certification successfully and grow in all areas of your business both professionally and personally. You will also choose to graduate and network at The Leaders Conference, which is every year in March.


After your certification, we will continue to mentor for 60 days just to make sure you are on the right track for success. Our team will make sure you have the tools you need to create longlasting change.

Begin The Enrollment Process

Uwagbai Academy Leadership Coaching Certification

Your New Career Path Begins With Us!