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Extreme Otiti 

          About Us

Extreme Otiti provides a wealth of knowledge that helps individuals grow in value, strength, and success. Our platform gives the importance of self-improvement, no matter the circumstance. We promote healthier living, a mindset of wealth, purposeful living, and reigniting past goals and discovering new phases.

To master every area of your life and regain what's already embedded inside, we offer an array of techniques from: private coaching, live events, workshops, training programs along with online courses. 

Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

March 2013

Otiti Uwagbai-Wright Established Endure The Extreme, LLC

Endure The Extreme, LLC started with one post via facebook. Otiti had withstood many life-challenging issues over the years and decided to share her message of how she triumphed. Her courage to share her unhidden truths birthed Endur The Extreme, LLC in February 2016. 

October 2015 Southern Tears of Karma

While battling depression, Otiti decided to use her imagination and wrote a fiction novel titled Southern Tears of Karma: A Fiction Novel. This allowed her to release what was not serving her and place her energy into something much more purposeful.

Amazon Book Purchase

Amazon Book Purchase

January 2016

Personal Development 

Otiti wrote and published her second book and this time her aim was providing her audience with personal development resources and affirmations. 

MARCH 2019 

The Leader's Conference 

The signature event, The Leader's Conference hosted by Otiti, provided expert talks from several speakers that engaged her audience to achieve their goals and heal their past. 

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