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Coaching & Strategy

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Step One: 

Free Consultation & Evaluation

Reach out to our team, and we will handle the rest for you. One discussion, believe it or not, allows us to provide you with insight. We offer the initial consultation with the hopes to answer any of your questions about coaching.

Step Two: 

Strategies & 


Often we have the dream, the vision, the purpose, but lack strategy. We provide an approach that's implementable for every individual. After our team conducts a plan, we provide the blueprint for the individual to review.

Step Four: 

Goal-Setting & Accountability 

Once you receive your blueprint, we initiate the timeframe or goal-setting. We assist you in crafting a system to achieve success, and our team holds you accountable. The process will be for you to follow.

Step Five: 

Implementation & 


Implementation begins with a decision. Achieving the next step will allow you to apply the transformational change. This process could be challenging at times when implementing a new way of living. Our team is there every step of the way as your support system.

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A Few Words About Us

Otiti's Coaching provides individuals with the change that they are seeking. You can have all that you desire by making "baby steps." Celebrating every win, big or small. We are here to assist you with your dreams to unleash outstanding results. 

We design coaching resources customized for each individual. Specific goals are our aim with no fluff. We challenge you to do your very best to see, feel, and live out your success. Reinforcement, along with our coaching sessions, provides you tools!

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Thank you for always encouraging and motivating us. Every great leader has a great coach. Even in my days of things going haywire I can regain confidence by just reading a simple word of encouragement. 

C. Johnson - Orangeburg, S.C.