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Otiti Uwagbai-Wright

You Need Something That's Why You Are Here!

Have you ever wondered why you are not moving at the pace that you desire? Hey, I get it. You may have a family, work responsibilities, or hell, you may be the only one in your household who carries all of the responsibilities. By the time you finish living for everyone else, you have nothing left for yourself. This is the place where dreams go to die, the same place where your peace and joy life, and the very place where your future self is waiting to be unleashed. 

What sets the doers apart from the talkers? Doers dive in and talkers moan about the obvious: procrastination, lack of confidence, and not enough time in the day, just to name a few. I call this the fear factor. Knowing that on the other side of your own bullshit is your success. The house you dreamed of, the healthy lifestyle living, love, financial freedom. 

I'm starting to think that some of us enjoy mediocre lives. Well, I say, enough is enough!


I've Met Some Amazing Individuals Along The Way! 

"Life is a journey, and you will meet wonderful individuals along the way that will help you with your travels in life."- Otiti

How Can We Serve You?

Our Intimate Retreats

We offer intimate retreats to help you: Release, Replenish, & Recieve. That's our mission in a nutshell. Our lifestyle events are invigorating with an experience that will forever leave you changed and restored to battle through life's journey. Every woman should plan at least 2-3 getaways a year. Learn more and gain access by clicking below. 

Retreat Access

Uwagbai Academy

If you are a first-time woman entrepreneur ready to take life by the horns, I suggest that you enroll in Uwagbai Academy. Our tier program will take you from self-doubt to top-notch. 

Many times what is blocking one from reaching unlimited success is poor self-awareness and disconnection from life. We lead you every step of the way providing you with a system that works specifically for you and your needs. 

Gain Access

Work With Otiti

I only work with high-achieving women who needs to know their exact gifts and how to implement them immediately. Here is where you know your destination and all you need is the address for your GPS. 

Makes sense? You are coming to me only if you are clear and ready to take life up to several notches. We go from 5 to 100 really quickly. I cover an array of topics that caters to the women's' specific needs of becoming CEO. 

Work With Otiti

Need A Speaker For Your Next Event, Retreat, Livestream? 

Requesting "A Call For Speakers" can be taxing at times. Especially, if they are calling themselves speakers without the proper qualifications. We take the guesswork out for you with our very own speaker concierge. Learn more and book your speaker for your next event.  

Book Your Speaker

Release, Replenish, & Recieve

   Get started on your Extreme journey today​!

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