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Personal Growth Programs

We offer energetic dimensions of teachings that will provide you with substances. We have compiled a list of programs to our catalog to assist you with the energy you need for your mind, body, and spirit. Our programs aim to bring these parts of you together so you can live and be your whole being.

Who should browse our catalog: 

  • You are ready to manage your time and push past self-limiting beliefs.
  • You are ready to identify barriers and self-sabotaging actions.
  • You are ready to improve your confidence and being.
  • You are ready to improve your work-life balance.
  • You are ready to shift from negative thinking to a more rewarding thought process. 
  • You are ready for support through difficult processes and in need of direction. 
  • You need assistance with addressing specific issues. 


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Are You Ready To Be Coached? 

Life is not overwhelming! Life is what you make it and understanding your purpose, pain points, and passion. I like to call this strategy the Three Elements of P's. If you know and understand your purpose, your pain points, ultimately it will drive you to your passion. We have the worlds, yes, the world's top Strategist to help you reach whatever it is that you are seeking. You can receive coaching individually, or with the team.

Find out what you need to reach your level of success today! 

We operate from a place of experience. Our committed Coaches are here to meet you where you are rather than assuming where you need to be. There is no hidden secret to what we do. We simply listen to you and assess. There are many types of Life Coaches and that's why we offer a variety of coaches to serve you. Depending upon your need our coaches will offer different benefits.

See what fits your need and contact our office today. 

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Would You Like To Join Our Team? 

Uwagbai Academy services individuals who are eager to find their place in the Coaching Industry. We offer two available paths for Coaching: Extensive Coaching Certification or Extreme Coaching Certification.

  • Extensive Coaching Certification: earn your certificate by completing our six-course/4-month program. We teach you the fundamentals of establishing your coaching practice. If you have been wondering how to become a Coach where are here to walk you through the step-by-step process.

  • Extreme Coaching Certification ten-course/6-month rigorous program. Earning the Extreme Coaching Certification lands you with our dream team and a position at Uwagbai Academy. Here is your opportunity to establish your future in the coaching industry.

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Hire Your Next Speaker For Your Corporate Event! 

Book One Of Our Specialist To Speak At Your Next Event

We have a directory of A-Listers ready to serve your audience and leave them with longlasting actionable steps that will yield positive results and outcomes. 

Book your next Keynote, Facilitator, or Panelist Speaker and someone from our team will contact you. 

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Fortitude: The Anthology For Overcomers

Collectively, each of us shares profound experiences to offer leaders such as yourself with a story of overcoming. Our perspectives are deep, engaging, and offers support of balance.

Ben, Christopher, J’Anmetra, Trasetta, Neek, Jessie, Otiti, Ashley, Nakeisha, Tamara, Chantelle, Angelita, Carmen, Gwendolyn, and Monica, agreed to show up more in this season and demonstrate the vast importance of maintaining leadership roles.

Our belief structure is the key source of our success. Once we believe we achieve. Once we believe success finds us. Once we believe we understand that adversity does not change what is destined for us...

As we steer pivotal discussions of Leadership, we welcome you to join us and pre-order your copy of Fortitude: The Anthology of Overcomers by clicking here

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